Surprise...Tour Itineraries aren’t easy!

Anyone who’s ever done one knows how hard it is – just to get the information, then to put it all together so it makes sense, then to double and triple check to make sure it’s right? When the buses roll the day after tomorrow and half the promoter reps haven’t returned your emails?  When the Artist suddenly doesn’t like the accommodations you spent three weeks nailing down with the travel agent, where you negotiated a brilliant rate, because another hotel an hour from the venue has the best vegan breakfast in the city (true story)?  When someone realizes at the last minute that a certain market isn’t selling and four shows in three cities get cancelled and those dates suddenly need to be filled?  It could make you wonder why you ever got into the business in the first place.  That’s where we come in.

Smart Art understands, and we know how to design individual solutions tailored to specific tours.  Want to publish flight details in and out for your crew of 50?  No problem.  Want to publish “get in” times for each and every department on production days?  No problem.  Want to leave all that to day sheets and concentrate on the essential business of how people are moving, where they are staying, and what time the show starts?   No problem. There is no one “right way” to build an itinerary.  We take the data, we organize, we format, we look for holes, we fact check, we advance missing info, we send drafts out for review, we proof, we make corrections.  We keep at it until all parties are happy and all parties sign off.  That’s the process.  We’ve got you covered.

Itineraries are....

 A collaboration between colleagues who can be thousands of miles apart, talking to each other through a giant web of emails, posts, texts and phone calls. Managers, Promoters, Booking Agents, Tour Managers, Production Managers, Travel Agents, tour vendors:  we work with everyone to guarantee the information we publish is as accurate and up-to-date as it can be. We want your itinerary to be a real road map of the tour, something everyone can rely on, with everyone on the same page.  We’ve been doing it for thirty years.

We KNOW how it works. 

We know, for example, that some tours have the luxury of weeks or months of advance, and that some come together at the very last minute.  We know that some have budget for support staff, some don’t.  We know that some only publish basic information, and some demand extraordinary levels of detail.

We are Smart



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